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Junk Car Removal

We encourage you to contact us if that unwanted vehicle is beyond hope. At West Suburban Towing we buy junk cars, we will give you CASH on the spot! must have the car title Please call us or fill out the form on the front page for a Prompt Quote and to schedule a pick-up.

What Kind Of Cars Do We Buy?

We buy all kinds of cars! We buy Everything! We don’t care how old, fat, smelly, stinky, ugly, broken down your car is…we still want it, and we still pay cash for it. So it is very important that you call us, because most of the time we can get your car same day. You can also sell your car from anywhere. We will come to your house, mechanic shop, side of the road, dealership, business, parking lot, WHATEVER. So keep us on speed dial just in case your driving a rig that’s on its last leg.

Give us a call and we can usually get to you the same day!

We try our best to get the customer the amount that they are looking for and if we can’t, we will try to get a as close as we possibly can for any junk vehicle. Even though scrap prices have dropped over the last couple of months, we still guarantee our quotes 100%. We are a car buying company that thrives on our customer service, making sure that when our tow truck driver comes to your place of residence, that he is nice and friendly too you. We operate in and around Chicago and surrounding cities. If we haven’t convinced you yet, how can we do it?w

If you like the way this sounds and you feel like you have a junk vehicle at your house or apartment that you think is not worth fixing; running or not. We will pick it up and pay you cash. Call us now, a professional and trusted vehicle removal business in Chicago, IL.

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